Welcome and thank you for visiting PDQ Diversified Inc. We specialize in small business development in an online environment.  We are a family owned small business our self and have learned over the years what it takes to succeed in an ever-changing, technology driven, virtual marketplace. We have honed our skills since 1993 and find passion in helping you, the small business owner, take your business to the next level. 

We utilize proven services and technologies designed to help you succeed. We have the experience and skill-set to integrate these services and technologies into your business operations. 

Please visit the pages of our site to learn how we can help you set your business goals even higher than previously imagined. We actively support our clients with the tools, guidance, training, and consultation each needs to achieve higher goals. 

Featuring: Online Branding, Data & Information Management, App Integration, E-Commerce Solutions, and...... please visit our Services page to learn more.

A note about outsourcing with readily available apps and services...
We enjoy working with the many apps available from Google. Google has really capitalized on the technology needed to help small business owners. As an example, we have redesigned our own site using the Google Sites platform. We can help you do the same for your business.